Do you read the news?

We do.

back-quote uses Machine Intelligence to read all the news, so you can find and understand the stories important to you.

News is history

Today's stories are important. But current events don't always make sense without the past. Knowing what's come before gives you a better picture of what's happening now, and can even help you see what's coming next. back-quote automatically organizes events and stories over time, helps you escape the urgent "now" of the 24-hour news cycle, and lets you explore the whole story through time.

Context is everything

Stories are about people and events, not pageviews and clickbait. Every version has a different spin. back-quote lets you see all the stories across multiple sources — we identify who's involved, so you can see who they are, what they said, and how they got there. Using AI and advanced search, you can see the whole picture without letting the most popular items get in the way.

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